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You won’t believe who takes over the royal palace when Duchess Kate is not at home.

If you ever asked yourself who is `in charge` when Kate and William are away from Kensington Palace, well, this certainly won’t be the answer you expected.

The ones who take the lead when the royals are gone are not adults, but Kate and William children, the little princes – George and Charlotte.

Prince George may be the future King of England, but, judging by the words of his mother, Kate, Princess Charlotte is the one that takes care of the Cambridge household when she and William are to attend an event and they are missing from home.

Only aged a year and 10 months and she is already the “boss” at the palace.

Duchess of Cambridge spoke about her children in a discussion from mommy to mommy with the wife of a Royal Navy officer on Thursday, during a ceremony to commemorate those who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Kate said Charlotte grows very fast. She is the one responsible for the palace when the parents are gone”, declared Samantha, Chris Burge’s wife after her conversation with the Duchess.

“There is a difference of two years between the two children, but they are the heads,” she added.

Kate also revealed that her little ones are “good friends“.

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Duchess Kate, aged 35 years, a mother of two, showed up very sophisticated during the last week event, wearing an elegant coat, a very wide skirt, which she accessorized with stiletto shoes and a wide-brimmed hat, navy blue, signed Lock & Co.