First Instagram and now Facebook to copy Snapchat. Facebook just added to its feed stories that resemble the ones that were originally brought by Evan Spiegel.

Just like the stories from Instagram, the posts will disappear in 24 hours. Also, you have the option to add fun decorations and filters.

They also have a new section where you can communicate with your friends. This feature looks a lot like Snapchat’s. This section is entitled ‘Direct”.

But these three social media networks are not the only ones to adopt ‘Stories’. A while ago, What’s App also took the example and you can now post pictures or videos that last about 24 hours. It was a matter of time for Facebook to do this as well.

A spokesperson from Mark Zuckerberg’s company declared that this format has been really popular lately and it is a simple way for people to share moments of their day with others. Unlike a normal post on Facebook, this is only seen for a few hours.

Because the want their customers to be satisfied and have a wide range of possibilities, Facebook decided that it’s time to bring stories.

Facebook first brought this feature in Ireland a while ago, where they tested it. They still need to do some improvements; their camera needs some work. Soon, they are going to test it in a few other countries, but it’s still not sure if they will make this feature a global one.

Stories will create some changes in the entire app, including messenger.

We’re still not sure how the Snapchat team feels, as this is definitely a copy. A few years ago, Facebook liked their concept so much that they even offered to but the company.