Virtual reality might become affordable for everyone as Google has a huge plan. Apparently, the company is thinking of bringing this experience to the masses.

Until now, the majority of such sets that reached the market were too pricey to be afforded by everyone. But, Google plans to change this and bring “Daydream”, their latest device.

This device does not have a lot of potential, but based on the price, it is worth the interest. There are few things that are not so great about it: “Daydream” only works with Google’s smartphone, Pixel and has a restricted number of apps.

Google tried to bring cheap technology like this on the market before, but the quality of those products was unsatisfactory. However, “Daydream” is way better.

The design is what makes it stand out. It has fabric on the outside, which makes it really comfortable to wear and is also really light. The controller on this device is also something that makes it awesome. It is really small, almost like a chocolate bar and it can track movement.

The sensors from the controller tell the headset what moves you want to do and it gives you a really great experience.

Amongst the apps featured are the Youtube 360 videos.

‘Daydream” is available in three colors: black, grey and burgundy.

Google is still working on it, as they want to make it compatible with a larger variety of phones and not just with their Pixel. They will also work on the software that leaves room for improvements.