Samsung is going to launch its next model from the Galaxy line later this month. A picture of the highly-anticipated phone made it to the internet and people could not help but notice that it looks a lot like another model available on the market.

The phone has the exact same shade as iPhone 7, the one that the Apple team entitled “Jet Black”. Apple had a huge success with the phone and with this shade in particular, as it has already been pre-ordered big times.

So, it’s no wonder that other brands want to copy it in hopes that they will have the same success.

A man leaked the image with the Samsung online, so, it’s still not clear if it’s the real deal. Some claim that is not and this is just a fake.

This phone is highly-anticipated after Samsung failed its customer’s expectations last year with the Note phone that exploded.

According to speculations, the new model will feature a dual-lens camera, the home button will be gone, while the screen will be an edge-to-edge one.

Some think that Samsung will introduce a display that will be able to sense fingerprints.

The camera is also said to be an improved one. They are really focusing on this feature. The videos on this phone will be so clear that they can even have a 3D effect. The resolution will be of sixteen in the main camera and eight in the second one.

Samsung will launch this model and Galaxy S8 Plus this month.