prince harry

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton, is going to walk down the aisle soon. Of course, amongst the guests will be Prince Harry.

Pippa has some strict rules when it comes to her wedding that is going to take place in May. She might impose a rule that won’t allow you to bring your partner unless you’re married.

This might be a major bummer for Harry, who just took his actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle, to his friend’s wedding.

Apparently, Pippa does not want everyone to overshadow her or her ceremony in this big day. Even if there are rumors that Harry is serious about Meghan, he still cannot bring her to this big event.

Of course, the wedding will feature royal members, so bringing Meghan there would take their relationship even further.

At the beginning of this month, Harry already took his girlfriend to a wedding and they made all the headlines.

His brother waited more than two years to take his girlfriend at that time, Kate, to a wedding.

Prince Harry also plans to finally introduce his girlfriend to his grandmother. The two are set to meet on Mother’s Day. It’s still not sure what Queen Elizabeth thinks of her grandson’s girlfriend, but her opinion is extremely important as in case of a marriage, she will have to give her approval.

Pippa got engaged last year to James Matthews. Her decision to not let anyone overshadow her on this day is understandable.

At her sister’s wedding, everyone freaked out when they saw her. Pippa received a lot of attention then as she was always near the bride. She wouldn’t want this situation to repeat.