One of the problems of today is technology, that seems to have everyone hooked on it. People became so addicted to their smartphones, that losing them is a total disaster.

A recent study found that such an experience could be as stressful as a terrorist attack. Also, if you lose the train or any kind of transportation, you are likely to be this stressed.

Physiological Society is the organization that held the study. About two thousand Brits were asked to rate some of the most common events on a scale of how stressful they feel.

The most stressful experiences are, of course, losing a close one or having a terminal disease. Imprisonment is, as well, something that topped the list.

However, more common experiences, such a losing your phone, are also really stressful and sometimes, classified as traumatic events.

Women are the ones who are much worried about this rather than men.

The chair of the organization, Lucy Donaldson, declared that such problems are specific to our modern world. Half a century ago, no one would have expected phones to be such a big deal and a reason to stress out.

Donaldson also declared that they were surprised of how women stress so much more than men. From financial problems, to terrorism and even Brexit, women worry about everything. This has a huge impact on their health.

Having a child for the first time is also stressful and both genders respond the same to it, especially the ones that are younger.

The study also discovered that Scottish people are more stressed than the Brits. From England, Londoners were stressed the most as a result of Brexit.