Well, although it is speculated that only men `enjoy` Adam’s apple, it seems that women also have this prominence, although it is not so visible.

Adam’s apple is a swelling of the thyroid cartilage in the larynx and can be seen observed in the ante-meridian area of the neck.

This is wrapped around the bone cartilage of the larynx and is located just above the thyroid gland.

But what makes Adam’s apple be obvious to men, but not to women?

Apparently, the scientific explanation offered by researchers also indicated the reasons for which men have a lower voice.

Because this prominence is influenced by the testosterone levels in the body and because, during puberty, the testosterone secretion increases in men and it brings a series of changes, from the development of vocal cords to thickening the vocal timbre.

Thus, Adam’s apple obviously increases in size, and, as a result, the vocal timbre in men changes along with it.

If we refer to its usefulness, apparently there is no particular use for it.

Like any cartilage in the body (ears, nose), it is simply located in this area and does not affect, in any way, the body functions.

Some men, who had the prominence surgically removed because it was too big, did not notice any adverse effects after the surgery.

Unfortunately, the only purpose of Adam’s apple is to make men feel ashamed of their little defect.

Also, Adam’s apple enables women to identify, according to its movement, those times when their men are lying shamelessly, and that is because the apple tends to “jump” uncontrollably when you have a state of nervousness.