It’s shocking how one can steal your WhatsApp and Telegram accounts!

Although a series of additional security measures have been implemented, it seems relatively easy for someone to steal your WhatsApp and Telegram accounts.

Among the most popular chat applications are the cross-platforms WhatsApp and Telegram.

The programs are perfectly working on Android and iOS, but many of us are using them on PCs or Macs via web versions.

Unfortunately, according to some security experts, using these applications on their web versions will come with significant vulnerabilities.

As we could see in the attached videoclips, a hacker does not have to struggle a lot to steal your WhatsApp and Telegram accounts.

They just have to send a malicious photo and since the recipient opens it, he is an easy target.

The account becomes vulnerable. From that point on, the attacker can gain complete control over the user’s account and data related to the account.

The attacker can then send malware of all the victims of the contact, opening the doors to a large-scale attack on WhatsApp and Telegram.

However, it is pleasing that officials have revealed these vulnerabilities often exploited by hackers.

The problem is that specialists have set a worrying precedent, and if this happened once, it is not excluded from happening over and over again.

In any case, the solution for this problem, if you feel that someone else controls your web activity on WhatsApp and Telegram, is just to close the chat session and open it again.