Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Titanic? Well, you now finally have the chance, that, in case you have 100.000 dollars in your pocket!

The shipwreck of Titanic, that has been laying there for more than one century, will be opened for tourists. A mini-submarine will take anyone that is interested in a trip two miles deep under the water.

Blue Marbel Private is the company that will give you this one-of-a-kind experience. Starting this May, until 2019, you will be able take this eight-day trip.

Here is how the trip looks like:

You will be taken with a helicopter from Newfoundland to the yacht that stays in the North Atlantic. You will stay approximatively a couple of days on the yacht before you embark on the mini-submarine under the sea. The trip towards the Titanic takes about five hours.

You will not go there alone, but joined by a couple of experts, who will sail near the deck. You can see some of the most famous things on the Titanic, including the staircase.

This trip can be taken by nine people at a time only.

The submarine, although little, has room enough for five people and has been specially created for reaching high depths. The submarine is entitled “Cyclops 2” and is said to be really safe.

Although really pricey, this trip is definitely worth the money. The company advertised it as an expedition created for the ones with adventurous spirits. The opportunity is really great, as until now only two hundred people got to visit the wreck.