Amanda Seyfried got married in secret last week.

The actress and her boyfriend, Thomas Sadoski, got married right before their baby comes into the world. The newly-wed couple is expecting a baby together and the due date is soon.

Thomas was the one to dish everything about their secret ceremony. During an interview with James Corden, Thomas revealed that last weekend they eloped.

All that he said is said is that there were just them and the officiant. They wrote their vows and everything could not have been any more perfect.

Sadoski added that they are satisfied with the way the ceremony turned out to be. They loved the intimacy, there were just the two of them, sharing this perfect moment.

After the intimate ceremony, they took their dog, who was also the only witness, to a walk and then returned home.

In the interview, Sadoski also gushed about his wife, who is the person he loves the most in the world. He admires her and has a lot of respect for her.

Amanda met her future husband two years ago on Broadway. They played in a drama about two lovers. However, they did not start their relationship then, but a few months later.

At the time they played in the drama, they were both involved in relationships. Amanda was still involved with her longtime boyfriend, Justin Long, while Thomas was married. That year, he put an end to his marriage that lasted eight years.

Last fall, the couple announced their engagement.