blue glow

A beach on the Tasmania Bay featured lately this enchanting blue glow, that looks ethereal, but it might actually be a sign of trouble. Although it looks mesmerizing, specialists warn the danger it exposes.

This blue glow comes from a type of algae that endanger the food web from the sea.

According to BBC, this algae is knows as “sea sparkle” and produces the blue glow. Australians saw it across the southern coast of the country. These creatures that transmit light do this when they are disturbed. The light they emit is actually chemic.

The good news is that these creatures are not a danger for people, they are not toxic. However, swimmers might get an irritation in case they’re sensible.

While people are not endangered by this, the ecosystem on the other hand, is. They occur in water that has very low levels of oxygen and spread by blooming. They spread in the food web and are dangerous for the various species of fish. Even larger fish can die from this in case they eat it.

Fisheries from the region can be highly affected , while the health of the ecosystem is affected on a large period of time.

Scientists are keeping a close eye on the bay now as it still not known how it will be truly affected by the algae.

Meanwhile, tourists and photographs take advantage of the ethereal view.

This type of algae occurred before in other places, such as in the Arabian Sea. Three years ago, that region was incredibly affected. Years ago, it was noticeable on Bondi Beach as well.

Also, the algae do not produce only blue light, but, sometimes, red or green.