Selena Gomez finally opened up about dating The Weeknd, but not for the reason you think.

During a recent interview, the singer revealed that she is never going to speak about any of her relationships again. She talked about them in the past and everything turned into a nightmare, so she will never repeat this mistake.

Selena declared that she loves what she does and she knows that she is lucky to have fans and be famous, but she can’t wait for people to forget about her.

Her whole life has been highly publicized, so it’s understandable that she feels like that.

During the interview, Selena was approached by some kids and she explained that she can’t resist them, although someone that was part of her life once got annoyed at this. That ‘someone’ is probably Justin Bieber, who now refuses to take pictures with his fans.

Selena also revealed that she does not use her first Instagram account anymore. Soon after she found out that she is the most followed person on the social media network, she freaked out so she took a break from it.

Now, her assistant is the only one that posts things on it or likes other posts.

Although Selena refuses to talk about her boyfriend, things are definitely going really good between them.

This weekend, the two packed for Canada, where they were seen visiting Toronto hand in hand. They did some shopping together and seemed really casual.

Lately, The Weeknd and his girl have been basically inseparable, with Selena joining him everywhere he goes, including his worldwide tour.