When asked about what functions our nose has, everyone might be tempted to answer smell, but in fact, the functions are far more complex. The air we breath is humidified by the nose and prevents diseases.

Researchers have reached a conclusion about noses that will completely blow your mind. The shape of the nose has been highly influenced by climate conditions. The shapes that we have now have been actually influenced years ago, by our ancestors.

This research has been led by the University of Pennsylvania. They found out that the shapes were influenced by the climate that existed in the places where our ancestor lived.

So, why is climate so important? According to experts, the shape has to change based on the various climate change so that the air can be properly warm and humidified.

The higher the temperatures and the humidity, then the higher the nostrils. The ones that come from cold regions, where humidity is low have narrow nostrils. Across the globe, nostrils took different widths and shapes.

According to a member of the team, our physical traits are in direct contact with the environment we live in.

In their study, people of various races were linked. The researchers wanted to test a wide range of races so that they can maximize the differences between the regions they live.

Besides the correlation with the climate, they found that the shape of a nose is also inherited. Not only this, but similarities were found amongst unrelated people as well, sign that this is genetic.