coral reef

The United Kingdom’s Ambassador in Indonesia got himself into a little bit of a travel after the coral reef was endangered.

Indonesia summoned him after a ship that is owned by the British company caused a great damage to the coral reef. The ship that is entitled “Caledonian Sky” hit the reef from Raja Ampat.

This region, that is located in the eastern side of the country, is known for its biodiversity, so this action, that destroyed a great part of the reef, was terrible.

The ship was currently taking tourists to watch some birds in an expedition. When the locals learned about what happened to the reefs, they were devastated. These people make a living from welcoming tourists who come for watching the coral reefs and this natural environment.

A local declared to a TV network that he broke into tears when he saw what happened.

When trying to pull the ship from the corals, the situation got even worse. There is nothing that can be done now to fix it as the damage has already been done.

A meeting between the officials took place immediately. The UK Ambassador met with the Minister of Maritime Affairs. After they talked, the UK Ambassador declared that he is very disappointed about the damage that has been done.

He added that he hopes that this issue will be cleared between the country and the company that owns the ship.

The ones that own the ship also responded and said that this was just an unfortunate event, they are very concerned about the environment and would never do something that would endanger it knowingly.