Ivana Trump has serious thoughts about writing a book. Donald Trump’s former wife is going to dish everything about their three children on her upcoming memoir.

Ivana was the president’s first wife and together they have Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric. Her book is going to be released at the beginning of this fall and is going to be entitled “Raising Trump”.

The 68-year-old has a book deal with Gallery Books. Her memoir is going to be about motherhood and strength and her childhood and how she manged to become a successful businesswoman.

Just like Trump’s current wife, Ivana comes from a former communist country. She grew up in Czechoslovakia, when communism was up and running. She is going to write about how it felt to grow up there and how if affected her life.

This regime definitely affected her as it made her relocate in New York. Here, she started a successful career and met her first husband, with whom she had a “whirlwind romance”.

In her book, Ivana will dish on how it felt to be married to Donald.

Her kids will be the center of her memoir. Ivana wants to emphasize the fact that she was the one to raise and educate their three children. She taught them very important values and life lessons, such as loyalty and honesty. It is important for her to share this story now, as her children have been in the center of the spotlight.

Ivana is not going to criticize the president or get political.

Her three children helped her with some of their childhood memories and fully support her.