The United States military just introduced its very first drone that shoots deadly lasers.

The laser is created by Lockhead Martin and was designed especially for the US Army. Earlier this month, the weapon was first tested and everything went smooth. This company was the one that designed and developed the killing weapon and was also the one to test it.

While testing it, they even established a world record as this is the first laser of this kind to shoot a beam of light at almost sixty KW.

The military put a lot of faith into this laser as they are going to use it for protection against several kinds of threats, such as drones. They want to start the installation of this laser on helicopters, ships soon.

Until installing the laser to their vehicles, the Army is going to test it first. The system is currently shipped to their base in Alabama, where the Army is going to see how it works itself.

A spokesperson from Lockhead Martin declared that this laser is the first step towards an advanced killing system. For both their company and the Army, this is a milestone, which was reached with their close collaboration.

This laser is definitely improved in comparison with their other models. Two years ago, the same company released a laser that shoot 30KW and was pretty powerful, so image the power this new one must have.

The US Army is going to start using its laser weapons in 2023. They are now working on the development of other weapons powered by energy to protect and fight.`