Yesterday, a satellite that is owned by the US military was launched into space. The satellite is packed with some of the latest technologies and is created for communications.

The satellite, entitled WGS-9, was launched on a Delta IV rocket from Florida and costs roughly 445 million dollars. This is the ninth satellite to be launched into space as part of the the plan that includes ten.

The satellite was built by the United Launch Alliance, which also launched it. Boeing was the one to built it as it is a partner in the alliance.

After it reaches the space, this satellite will join the other eight that are already part of the constellation and will offer the US military one of the best communications service.

This network is available not only to the military, but to the White House and a series of partners from all around the globe.

What is great about this network is the fact that it is able to transmit information anytime and everywhere .

Several countries participated in the manufacturing process: Canada, the Netherlands and Denmark among others. They paid some of the price of the manufacture for the possibility to use it from time to time.

For its previous satellites, US collaborated with other countries. For example, for the sixth satellite that was launched in 2013, they collaborated with Australia. Their partner was the one to pay integrally for the manufacture of the satellite.

The access to this constellation depends on the financial support when it comes to partners.

The last satellite, the tenth, is going to be launched sometime next year.