As his contract of one year at Manchester United is slowly approaching its due date, Zlatan Ibrahimovic needs to think of his next step. Supporters want him to remain in Jose Mourinho’s team, while others want him to return to his previous team, but the Swiss might actually think of something else.

According to rumors, Zlatan thinks of joining Napoli. Actually, these rumors were sparked by the megastar himself, who responded a question about Napoli in a recent interview.

“You never know,” responded the 35-year-old. In case he decides to move to this team, his career will definitely go a step further, as Napoli is part of Serie A.

Ibrahimovic still needs to do some thinkng about which team he will choose. The offers he gets are all really great. Until he finally makes up his mind, he can enjoy the time spent at Manchester.

Zlatan revealed that he really likes playing for this team and he feels good in his spot. But, he is attracted to Napoli because this club transmits a passion for sports and for life that always charmed him.

While Zlatan dreams with his eyes wide open, his agent has a completely different idea about his client’s future. Mino Raiola declared that Zlatan will never join Napoli, especially next season.

The supporters of Manchester and Jose Mourinho really want Zlatan to extend his contract. Although he has this option, Zlatan still hasn’t made a move towards it.

Staying here definitely means success, both for him and the club. This season was one of his best ever, bringing victory after victory to Mourinho’s club and scoring 26 times.