Amal Clooney takes her fight against ISIS a step further. Yesterday, the human rights lawyer and an ISIS slave, who managed to escape, appeared on CNN to demand that the ones who captured her will face the justice.

The woman is from Iraq and she spent several months in captivity by ISIS. Amal was touched by her story and chose to represent her as her lawyer.

She wants to raise awareness towards the situation that goes on in such countries. Yadizi women are constantly abused by militants and Misses Clooney cannot accept it anymore.

The woman told the story of how she was captured. ISIS gunmen came in her hometown three years ago. On the day they arrived, more than five thousand members of her community were killed, while more than six thousand and a half women and kids were kidnapped. The woman had to watch her entire family getting killed.

She tried to escape numerous times and she was always harshly punished after being caught.

This woman tried for years to tell her story and fight for justice.

Amal wants to fight for these women and wants to raise the UN’s interest for fighting back ISIS. All of their terrible actions haven’t been punished until now, although they are plenty of evidence against them.

The human rights attorney also said that until now not even a single ISIS member was punished for the atrocities committed against the Yadizi.

A couple of weeks ago, Amal confronted the members of the UN in the hope to make them fight against this terrorist organization.