Arsenal’s manager decided to stay in spite of supporters’ protests.

Although Arsene Wenger did not sign the contract yet, he already made up his mind and is going to extend his stay at the club.

However, these is one condition for him to remain. If the club finishes outside the top four and if they don’t qualify for the FA Cup, then Wenger is going to leave the club for good.

He is aware of how the team’s supporters feels about him and is not going to stay if he disappoints them further by not getting qualified.

The biggest problem for the club, or better said, for Wenger, right now is Mesut Ozil. Wenger was the one to bring him to the club with the hope that his skills are going to pay off. It seems like the player has other thoughts now: leaving the club.

The German Football player is currently injured and unbale to play. He missed the team’s last game from Saturday against West Brom.

This weekend, he received treatment and is expected to make an appearance at the next game, the one on Wednesday against England.

Arsenal’s supporters might be mad at Wenger’s decision to stay as last week they went through great lengths to show that they don’t want him anymore. At the Saturday match, supporters hired a plane that flied over the stadium with a banner that read “No Contract – No Wenger”.

There is still hope for the team and for Wenger. Everyone wants Arsenal to get to the top four, but right now, it seems like the odds are against them.