The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is going to officially kick off Brexit the following week. Article 50 is going to be triggered and the United Kingdom will officially depart from the European Union.

March 29 will be marked in history as the day Brexit takes effect.

A spokesperson has confirmed the news. The president of the European Commission has a warning for the other members of the union and says that the deal that the UK is going to end is going to change their mind forever about leaving the union.

There are many concerned about what the other countries will do. Some think that the other members will also think about leaving the EU. The president of the commission thinks that this departure will make the other states grow stronger together and will make them “fall in love with each other.”

He predicts prosperity and growth for the union and the opposite for the UK, which will suffer a lot from the deals.

Brexit is the main issue for the Europeans right now. Inside the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister deals with the backlash coming from Scotland. The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, argues that this is wrong and wants an independent referendum for her people. However, she is willing to settle if Theresa May agrees to compromise on some issues.

Brexit will take effect right in the week when the European Union celebrates sixty years. After the article will be triggered, negotiations will start and are expected to last a couple of years.