The Disney reboot has had a crazy success this weekend. Across the globe, “Beauty and the Beast” scored more than three hundred and fifty million dollars, with 170 million in just the United States.

The live-action established a couple of records on the way after this unbelievable success. This was the biggest start ever in the United States and around the globe for a PG. This was the biggest opening ever encountered in this month, after they beat 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman.”

Also, the Disney reboot gets on the top ten list of best openings encountered by a film. It is also the biggest one ever that takes place in a period outside summer.

This success is actually no wonder, given the fact that “Beauty and the Beast” is an all-time favorite Disney movie. The amazing cast also encouraged fans to go and see it.

Even if conservatives had some objections about the gay character, Le Fou, the movie still had plenty of success.

The highest number at the Box office was encountered in China. People went in a massive number to see the movie and scored 44.8 million dollars.

This is yet another milestone encountered by Disney, who plans on bringing back all of their classics. “Mulan”, “Mary Poppins”, “Little Mermaid”, “The Lion King” and many others are set to come to the big screen.

Until now, Disney’s movies had an immense success, as they are suitable for every age. Some of their most recent hits are “Maleficent”, “The Jungle Book” and “Cinderella”.