The popular cereal brand, Cheerios, is taking a major initiative that regards the world’s population of bees.

The brand just announced that they gave away more than one billion and a half of sunflower seeds in order to kick off their initiative.

They collaborated with several companies. For example, Canadian-based firm, Veseys Seeds, worked with the cereal brand to bring one million seeds.

In the statement they release, Cheerios explained why their famous mascot has gone missing from their packaging. Because bees are endangered and their population has decreased considerably recently, they want to point this and raise awareness by taking Buzz, their mascot, off.

Bees like Buzz have also been endangered in this worldwide issue.

According to experts, bees have a tremendous role in nature and offer food supplies. What put them into great danger is the loss of their habitat amongst others.

The ones that will receive the sunflower seeds from Cheerios are asked to plant them in an area where bees can enjoy them.

Although they basically run out of seeds, the brand is happy to help bring back the bees.

However, the company received some negative backlash. Experts argue that planting so many sunflowers will affect the ecosystem. Instead of being useful, this could actually create more damage.

They even accused Cheerios of not thinking this through. But the brand fought back and said that, indeed, they prepared before and thought a really long time about this initiative. Sunflowers do no damage and are great for saving bees, as they produce a lot of nectar.