Beauty experts from some of the best magazines and publications dish on their secrets for a healthy and fresh skin. And, guess what, all the ingredients they use come from the pantry.

A worker from Selfridges has some of the most unexpected rituals. She uses toothpaste to remove tan from her hands, coconut oil for her hair as a mask and combines setting spray with her cream eyeshadow for a stronger pigmentation.

And, she uses setting spray to set her entire makeup, she thinks that it’s a better way to make your makeup last all day.

Mary Greenwell, a popular makeup artists amongst the Hollywoodians, thinks that you should take all the time to take care of your skin. At night, take all the right steps to properly clean and moisturize your face using some good moisturizer.

Also, take your makeup off as soon as you get home. This way, you have time to layer all the other products later, first serum and then moisturizer.

Lisa Eldridge, famous on youtube and a professional makeup artist, swears on green tea. She freezes tea and then uses it against puffy eyes and dark circles. She even uses these ice cubes on her customers, before a red carpet or after they hop off a plane.

A beauty director from Glamour uses a spoon to curl her eyelashes. To give more volume and length, she also applies two different mascaras. Another beauty expert heats her mascara tube to get every last product out of it.

With all these tricks up their sleeve, it’s no wonder that they always manage to look great.