A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump claimed that the former administration and Barack Obama wiretapped him when he won the elections last year.

For the first time since these allegations were made, the director of FBI, James Comey, opens up on the subject. Today, the director faced the Congress in midst of this wiretapping scandal.

The 56-year-old is keen on setting the record straight about these allegations. He wants to approach another issue that has been concerning Americans, the one about the ties Russia has with the current administration.

Michael Rogers, the director of NSA, is also set to testify in front of the intelligence community.

These two chambers want to finally set the record straight about these two allegations that have been an issue for way too long.

Regarding the wiretapping, no one has a proper evidence until now to support these claims. Even Donald Trump, who made this public, has no evidence to support what he said.

He brought the issue into discussion this weekend, as well, during the press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The president declared that both him and Merkel were the victims of wiretapping and of the former US administration.

The FBI director has been asked about wiretapping for a very long time and he always dodged the questions. He had a deadline until today to give an answer to all of these.

The answers he will provide are extremely important, he will either anger the Congress or the President or he will create a lot of controversy in case he admits to wiretapping.