According to a new study, Norway is the happiest country on earth. The research was let by the World Happiness Report and they came to the conclusion that this European country is the best place to be.

The researchers studied the well-being of the citizens and their level of happiness besides other issues, such as income, health and spending. This is just another proof that money do not matter.

Norway reached the top of the list after in the past it was ranked at number four. What makes it so amazing is the stability and prosperity reached in various fields: economy, health.

Using data since 2012, these researchers studied 155 countries in total. While Norway tops the list, at the bottom we found Syria, the Central African Republic and Tanzania.

Bad news come for the Americans, as the United States are getting sadder.

Denmark lost its lead and is now second on the list. It is followed by Iceland on three, Switzerland on four and on the fifth spot, Finland.

According to the chief executive of the institute, what makes Nordic European countries so good is the sense of community and people, who know how to get on well with the ones in their community.

On the other hand, the US is exactly the opposite. Americans become more and more mean, while the Government is getting more corrupt. Inequality is also raising, in spite of the numerous people that fight for it.

The author of the study said in the end that everyone should do what they love and not what politics order. This will bring happiness.