Lionel Messi is going to tie the knot soon, but his friend, Gerard Pique, is not going to be able to attend it. The reason why will surprise you.

In fact, the Football player hasn’t been invited in the first place. His partner, Shakira, is not on really good terms with Messi’s future bride, Antonella Roccuzzo.

A Spanish newspaper dished everything about the feud that has been going on between the two.

Antonella was best friends with Pique’s former girlfriend. She was really sad when Nuria Tomas and the Spaniard ended their relationship. She hates the fact that Pique met his future girlfriend while he was still in a relationship with Nuria.

Pique met Shakira when he starred in her music video for “Waka Waka”. The Spanish player opened up about how he fell in love with her on set and how he kept asking her really stupid questions about the weather.

Antonella is still really close to Nuria, so that’s why she won’t invite Pique and Shakira to her wedding.

In spite of this little problem between the two, Messi and Pique continue to be best buds and support each other. Yesterday, the two hugged on the field at the game between Valencia and Barcelona.

Messi is going to get married this June, but it’s still not clear what exact date they picked. The megastar actually hopes to celebrate two things in one night: the win of Champions League. We will wait and see what he does.