Roger Federer is back and stronger than ever! The Swiss just won a major title at the Indian Wells after a magnificent match.

The 35-year-old added another major cup to his impressive collection and is ready to top the list of the world’s best Tennis players.

Everyone thought that his career was over after that knee injury, but with his win at the Australian Open and this one, it is clear that Federer is going to stay and play.

In the great finale in California, Federer played against Stan Wawrinka and finished with a score of seven to five and six to four. Their intense showdown offered a great spectacle for the audience and the ones watching at home.

Federer was in great shape and played exceptionally. At the end of the match, his rival was brought to tears.

This is the fifth time Roger wins this tour and his joy was overwhelming. He just became the oldest Tennis player to win this event. This title is his ninetieth one and many more are expected to come.

The win meant a lot to him and he is extremely proud. Everything has been like a fairytale.

Wawrinka congratulated his rival after the game. Until now, he won three Grand Slams and was hoping to get a fourth, but he could not beat the formidable Swiss. Although in tears, he congratulated the winner and cracked a smile.

This year is going to be great for the 35-year-old. If he keeps it like this, success will definitely come. There are still two huge games this year and supporters can’t wait to see how he does.