Meet Julia, ‘Sesame Street’s newest character that is autist. This is a big moment for the beloved show, as they haven’t introduced a new character in more than a decade. Not only this, but this is also their very first autist character.

Julia is four years old, is a redhead and has striking green eyes and is pretty shy. Her favorite activities are picking flowers and painting. She has autism and, when speaking, she echoes her friend’s words.

Stacy Gordon, who has plenty of experience, is the one to voice Julia. She is beyond excited to play her and hopes to humanize her as much as possible.

There will take a while until the young viewers of the show will understand why Julia is different. The other characters already tried to present her to audience and explain her differences.

For example, fairy Abby Cadabby, explained that sometimes it can be hard to get her attention, but she can see things that others cannot. Big Bird also had to repeat a couple of times what he said to her.

For Stacy Gordon, playing this character means a lot. For a while, she used to do therapeutic work for the ones that suffered from this. Her son can also develop this, so playing Julia is somethings that affects her personally.

Gordon explains that this character will do wonders for the children that suffer from autism. She wishes that the show would have brought it years ago, it would have been great for the kids in her son’s class to grow up with such a character.