Stephen Hawking made the surprising revelation that he no longer feels welcomed in the United States since Donald Trump took the office.

The brilliant physicist revealed that he fears for the country. He thinks that it is slowly approaching an authoritarian regime, in the rightwing. He said that he would love to visit again and talk with scientists, but he fears that he is not welcomed.

What the scientist fears the most is the approach Trump has on the environment and the policies concerning it. He has an advice for the American leader: replace Scott Pruitt, who is now in charge of the agency that protects the environment.

Climate change is a real issue right now, especially in the US, so the leaders need to take the best decisions.

Hawking also had to say something about Trump’s voters. They chose him because they felt threatened by globalization and the ones governing. In fact, these people are misinformed and not liberal.

One hope has the scientist: women raising in top positions. He is excited to see female faces in science and can’t wait to see the robots they will send into space to investigate alien life on planets like our own.

Hawking is also proud of the European woman, like Angela Merkel, who begin to rule politics and societies.

Stephen also opened up about NASA’s great discovery of the seven new planets. He is beyond excited for a robot that will travel there and take pictures in 240 years.