75-year-old Stephen Hawking, set to conquer the space!

The British genius was offered an opportunity he cannot refuse. Richard Branson made an amazing offer to Hawking: take him into space on his Virgin Galactic ship.

Although the physicist never thought that this is possible and didn’t even dream about it, he is now beyond excited to do this. Space travel was for him an experience that he knew was untouchable, but thanks to Branson, he could now see space right before his eyes.

Of course, when he was asked about this trip, Hawking said ‘yes’ in an instant.

He compares the joy of flying into space with the one his three kids brought to him. He thought that nothing could ever make him so happy, but then Branson made him this offer, so he couldn’t have said no.

Recently, the astrologist revealed that he plans to build a 3D map of the universe in its early stages that is going to be the most detailed ever. He will do this at the center he built at the Cambridge University.

Richard Branson, on the other hand, has huge plans himself. He wants to take tourists into space and Hawking will be his first customer, or better said, guest. His Virgin Atlantic plan is pretty bold, but his team is working hard on it to make space available for tourists.

Branson is not the only one to take travelers into space, though. Elon Musk and his company, Space X, already have a plan for next year, to take two paying customers beyond the Moon.