This expert from Google has an interesting theory about how the future will look like for the human kind. He has a theory that includes the near future.

According to the expert, by 2019, the world will meet this species of “super humans”, that are going to be really smart, beautiful and sexy.

Ray Kurzweil is the name of the man with this crazy theory. He thinks that the cybernetic society in which we will live is going to have humans with machines instead of brains. Robots are going to be way smarter and beat the human kind.

He added that this process has already started, as people are so obsessed with phones and technology. The next step for us is to wire technology into our brains.

But this is not the only prediction that Kurzweil made until now. Since the 90’s, this genius made more than 147 predictions and from all of them, 86% proved to be right.

Right now, he is working on a project for machine learning at Google. He declared that machines are going to develop so much that they are going to be just as smart as humans, so humans are just going to connect them to their brains.

He thinks that nothing can be done to stop this, as the process already began. This theory he has is not part of the future, but the present.

One thing he reassures, that robots will not turn on the human kind in spite of what other experts think. Everything is actually going to get better.