Today, Spring has officially arrived as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Based on astrology, March 20th is the official day of Spring.

Equinoxes take place twice a year, once in the Spring and then in the fall. This year, the fall equinox will take place on September 22nd.

This equinox takes place in the same instant all over the world. Today, we will encounter it at 10:29 according to the universal time. At this hour, the sun will cross the equator.

Another interesting fact about the Spring Equinox is that it always takes place in the same three days: nineteen, twenty or twenty-one. The one on 21 is the rarest, the next one will be encountered in 2101, while the last one was exactly ten years ago.

During the equinoxes, days and nights are almost equal. This year, the moment when the night and the day were perfectly equal was on March sixteenth.

Today, the Sun is going to rise from the East and is going to set in the West. This will happen all across the globe.

There are also a few legends about equinoxes. An old one claims that you can balance an egg on its end today. However, this is not true at all, it’s just a myth and even NASA confirmed it.

Actually, you can perform this trick anytime if you have patience. The small bumps that an egg has at the end allows you to balance it.

This day is pretty amazing, is a great moment for rebirth, so enjoy as much of it as you can. Spring is officially in the air!