super bowl

After weeks of investigation, the jersey that was stolen from megastar Tom Brady at the Super Bowl was finally found.

Last month, the New England Patriots’ megastar had this item stolen from the locker room. Police was called and an investigation started to look for Brady’s precious jersey.

Now, after a long search, they found the jersey at a European journalist. His identity is still not known, but a thing is sure, he is part of the media.

The league made the announcement today that both the jersey he wore last month and the one he wore at Super Bowl XLIX were found. FBI was the one to lead the investigation.

The security teams from both NFL and Brady’s team helped with the investigation. Along FBI, other authorities provided their support so that the investigation can have a positive result.

At the Super Bowl from a couple of years ago, Brady had his jersey stolen for the first time. That time, his team managed to get another great victory.

Most probably, the same man stole the both items.

The statement the league released refused to add anything else about the burglar. FBI is going to take the necessary measures against him.

The jersey that was stolen is pretty expensive. Apparently, it is estimated at 500K dollars. Because of this huge sum, the felony was labeled as a first-degree one.

Now, the jersey will be returned to its right owners: Brady and the New England Patriots.