After merely half a year of being in charge, Jeff Jones, the president of Uber, resigned.

A spokesperson from the firm released a statement yesterday to announce his departure. Jones decided to leave as the scandal with the sexual harassment has gotten worse. All the backlash that he and his firm received were too much to handle.

Also, his role in the company was questioned after the change that took place earlier this month. Uber announced that they are searching for someone to run their firm along with Travis Kalanick.

Before joining Uber, Jones worked for Target, where he did a great job by modernizing their brand.

In the statement, the ones from Uber thank him for his time spent there and wish him good from now on.

But Jones is not the only one to leave the company these days. He actually joins many other that decided to resign or had to leave recently.

In February, Amit Singhal was fired from his job after shocking allegations about a sexual harassment at his former job merged. He used to work for Google.

At the beginning of March, Ed Baker, the vice president, left along with Charlie Miller.

The whole firm has been accused of being aggressive. Its entire future is questioned now, especially after this scandal emerged. Travis Kalancik, who now runs the firm, has been questioned for his skills of running the company.

Everything started after a former employee wrote on a blog about a sexual harassment that was encountered at the firm. No one did anything about it then, but now the police is investigating the case.