Beyoncé and Blue Ivy left us again staring with amazement at her latest video on Instagram.

Specifically, Beyoncé’s pregnancy must be one of the most interesting things that happened in 2017.

Once she announced she and Jay-Z are going to have twins, on February 1, her fans all over the world were absolutely thrilled.

Also, since then, we were able to see a pure enthusiasm on Bey’s face, who constantly kept a photo diary showing us how her tummy developed over the months.

And, Bey was back on her Instagram account with a fresh series of photos and a video with her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Beyonce took part in a weekend show at Alvin Ailey Dance School in Los Angeles and stormed the Instagram to keep her fans abreast of her last exquisite appearance.

Even if she gained a few extra kilos, the diva is still looking glamorous. She showed up dressed in a cream maxi dress and gold strappy heels, with a pink trench on top.

We loved this dress so much which, though simple in cut and color, has an interesting detail, a white band on the side, presumably to wear the attire in two ways – long, as Bey did, or tight on its sides.

That’s exactly the kind of multi-functionality that we like to see in a woman’s wardrobe.

The diva and her daughter aged 5 years, Blue Ivy, played with Snapchat filters, taking some shots using funny faces. This only proves how cute are the two and how they love having fun together.