Ever wondered how much is Apple paying for exclusivity on Apple Music Store?

When it comes to its streaming services, the competition is so great that companies like Apple pay astronomical sums of money for exclusivity on Apple Music.

When Apple announced its entry into the field of streaming, the market was already quite saturated.

At that time, platforms such as Spotify, Google Music, Tidal, Deezer already existed and enjoyed major success.

The major advantage of Cupertino giant consists of its relationship formed over the years with recording studios through its online store, iTunes, as it comes preinstalled on every iDevice.

At the same time, their offer (three months of free access) was very hard to ignore, if not impossible.

On the long run, to get an advantage in front of your competitors, you need exclusivity.

The practice is not necessarily new, but the amounts paid in such situations are often unknown.

It seems that the contracts do not include clauses under which this kind of info shouldn’t be made public.

However, ChanceTheRapper could have big problems in the near future.

According to his recent posts on Twitter, ChanceTheRapper has received $ 500,000 for two weeks of exclusivity on AppleMusic.

After the trial expired, the rapper decided to post his album on Soundcloud, for free.

`I needed money and there are only good people`.

Chance boasts on being an independent artist and chose to publish those posts to maintain the level of transparency that wants to have in front of his fans.