You would not think that little piece of paper can ever cause you such an immense pain, but of all the small troubles of life, paper cuts seem to be the worst.

Although they are not so serious (if we consider the complexity of the world and all the trouble existing in it), cuts caused by paper intrigues us.

How on earth can a wound so small cause a great pain like this?

After all, we are dealing with a minor injury, which shouldn’t raise too much importance.

It seems that our fingers contain much more receptors for pain than the rest of the body.

Probably, this is something that you have already noticed if you’ve ever tried to get your hands on something very hot or, of course, if you had ever had a paper cut.

And, it’s no surprise that our fingers have many nerve endings since we always use them to explore the world around us.

In addition, they have their precise usefulness, they alert the brain (with the sensation of pain) that we are dealing with high temperatures or damaging chemicals that could damage our skin.

Well, for our peace of mind, our skin is the only one to blame for being so very sensitive.

A piece of paper’s margins are not as smooth as it might seem from a considerable distance, but knives that are waiting to show us what real pain means.

Finally, paper cuts are not usually such deep to activate the body’s natural defenses, such as blood clotting or crusting, so our damaged fingers remain exposed.

Moreover, the wound is always flexed and stretched every time we use our hands.

Also, the attached video suggests that our minds intensify the pain when we realize how something so small and seemingly harmless can hurt us so easily.