A few days ago, rumor had it that Reese Witherspon would be extremely angry with her old friend, actress Nicole Kidman.

What might be the problem of the two co-stars of the new HBO series “Big Little Lies”?

The American actress is unfortunate that, during the promotion tour of the show in early February, Kidman would have promoted more her movie, for which she was nominated for an Oscar, “Lion”.

At the time, a source close to Reese argued:

“Reese Witherspon is furious that Nicole did not do more to support the Big Little Lies series. All over the media, she only spoke of Lion.”

Allegedly, the relationship between the two actresses started to tear apart since last month, at the Oscars.

“You could cut the tension with a knife between them at the Oscars. Nicole told her close ones to keep Reese Witherspon away from her”. Apparently, that’s what a close friend of Kidman declared.

Moreover, according to the same sources, the two were involved in “some tense moments” during the filming and there are no chances for them to work together in another project.

However, a representative close to both actresses denied the rumors, saying the that the story is “completely incorrect”.

He added: “Everyone is curious to know what happens on the set. Reese and Nicole are very good friends”.

This news came exactly two weeks after Kidman spoke only good about her friendship with Reese.

“We are very close friends. We can talk about anything for hours”.