It’s either the naked celebs have not thought about the consequences, either they relied on the intimacy of the places they exposed their private parts.

The fact is that these five celebrities have been caught in Adam’s suit and paparazzi made sure to spread them all over the Internet, faster than anyone would have imagined.

Here are 5 naked celebs you wouldn’t like to miss!

Brad Pitt

This was happening in the Gwyneth Paltrow era.

The two were on an island in the West Indies, so maybe Pitt thought that paparazzi have lost track of them.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things happened.

A paparazzo managed to capture images of their amorous escape in 1997, and the pictures went around the world.

Brad filed a lawsuit, but he could not stop anyone from publishing those images of him naked.

Orlando Bloom

For those who missed the moment when Bloom was paddleboarding with his sweetheart Katy Perry, well here’s the picture.

The two were on holiday and, most likely, Orlando did not have any clue that someone might see him naked. Well, it has happened!

Ryan Reynolds

He also displayed his private parts, but he did it willingly.

The movie is called “Buying the Cow” and Ryan Reynolds delighted us when he showed up devoided of inhibitions … and clothes.

Justin Bieber

No, he’s not too shameful! When in vacations, Bieber is quick to get rid of clothes.

Most recently, he appeared in some photos from his vacation in Hawaii, where he was accompanied by a model named Rey Sahara, his supposedly new girlfriend.

Tom Hardy

In his case, it was all intentional.

It happened while filming his last TV series, Taboo, and the script imposed him this nude scene.