recent cyber attacks

Fulminant development of technology has meant a breakthrough and a major reconfiguration of how companies develop their activities.

New technologies do not include, however, only benefits, but also promote a number of risks, such as increasing security breaches within companies.

Thus, recent cyber attacks have intensified and created great damage in a wide range of areas.

Future threats will increase in number and will be increasingly more sophisticated, according to some cybersecurity experts.

Mobile devices, storing information in the cloud and user behavior are the main factors which are considered to present a risk in exposing the organization of a cyber attack.

By 2020, the amount of data will exponentially increase, reaching 2.3 zettabytes and 66% of the internet traffic will be generated by WiFi networks and mobile devices.

This will open new opportunities for hackers, while monitoring the systems will become increasingly difficult.

The target of attacks will not be just large companies and the banking sector, but also small and medium organizations, operating in various fields.

Given that about 50% of enterprises have experienced recent cyber attacks and the attackers constantly refine their ongoing tactics, the question we must ask is when will happen such an attack and not whether it will happen.

4 million dollars – the average cost of a cyber attack

As cyber attacks have grown, they created damage in diverse areas. The average cost of a cyber attack is 4 million dollars. But, not all attacks are in a range of 2 to 5 million dollars.

Attacks can create an impact of tens of millions of dollars or thousands of dollars.

We do not see the enemy, as such, we do not perceive the real threat.

Services and innovation bring major benefits to our society, but being part of an interconnected world, the enemies are now invisible and the security of our systems should become increasingly more important.