After the overwhelming separation from his longtime partner, Brad Pitt turned his attention to arts and sculpture in particular.

At the beginning of the week, the actor was seen leaving his hideout in Los Angeles. For several months, he chose to spend time and pour his feelings in art at this studio, where he worked with Thomas Houseago, an artist from the UK.

Divorce and being apart from his children are still really hard for him and he is still trying to cope with it. Now, that Angelina took their six kids in a trip to Cambodia and London, Brad was even worried than before. He also misses them a lot after not seeing them for one month.

Brad is so hurt that he uses to spend more than fifteen hours at the studio. All day long he creates pieces of art, listens to sad playlists and thinks of his life.

Now that Jolie is back in the United States, Brad can relax a bit as the children are doing well. According to an insider, Pitt already met with his children after they returned, they had a meeting full of burgers and laughter.

While Brad seems really sad, his former wife seems happier than ever. In the recent weeks, she made a few public appearances and she seemed to glow. She always has a huge smile plastered on her face and looks like divorce is the best thing that ever happened to her.

In spite of the appearances, divorce was actually hard for her too. The only difference is that she managed to cope with it faster.

They are trying to work things together and be on good terms for their children. The two even plan on doing business together in the near future.