Finders is a project that wants to create a community of alert people who will help find missing animals and persons.

Sometimes, while scrolling on Facebook, we get to see posts shared by many people, with missing cats and dogs, or, rarely, with missing persons.

Unfortunately, such things happen, but that does not mean that we don’t have to find a solution to make things go back to normal.

And, luckily, we already did.

Sharing posts on Facebook and sticking posters may be an option, but this application dedicated to missing people and animals can do its job better.

In order to publish an ad, you only need a few details, such as a photo, the area in which the person or the animal was lost, the breed, age, and other distinctive marks, as appropriate.

Finders also allows you to add a reward in order to motivate those who might embark on a searching operation.

By connecting the app with Facebook, you will have the opportunity to comment on various ads, so you can give details when you consider that it could be useful for others.

The application also sends notifications so that all the updates will be received instantly.

Currently, Finders app is available for iOS, but developers have plans to bring it to Android, too.

All you have to do is follow the link to install the application, and then you can learn about all the relevant ads in your area.

Next, you’ll only need to pay attention to people or animals you encounter on your way.