One of the most popular fashion companies announced its entry into the smart watches field.

Allegedly, Guess connected with Android Wear to bring on the market one of the most luxurious smartwatches.

After other several major brands have announced smartwatches with very generous prices, it was time for Guess to launch some.

Available in a significant variety of colors, bracelets and materials, they come pre-installed with the latest version of Android Wear. Plus, they are likely to be an attractive accessory for fashion enthusiasts.

The announcement came a few days before Basel world 2017.

During the most important watches trade fair, we were able to see some unexpected, just launched smartwatches.

Aside from the models to be launched in the future, what is really important is that the new Guess creations are quite attractive.

Furthermore, the newest devices are among the first ones to come preloaded with the latest version of Google operating system.

Designed for men and women, the watches have diameters of 44 or 41 millimeters.

Given the current trends on the market, these diameters are quite discrete.

Also, they have brought an important upgrade to other some intelligent models launched in the past.

At the time, some hybrid watches had been launched in partnership with those from Martian. Even under these conditions, the reference point in design remains Guess Rigor, the classic timepiece of the company.

Too many technical details are still not made public at the moment, but we know for sure it can be purchased in a standard version Navy Blue and a more striking one: rose gold, gold and silver.

Although the price is not yet known, Guess emphasize that users will be able to choose from a wide variety of faces, dials and colors.