As spring just arrived, nature is the best place to be. As scientists found out that time spent outdoors is linked to fighting obesity and depression, you have no excuse to go out and enjoy nature.

According to this new study, if you spend time outside or if you leave in an open area with many tress, you are likely to be healthier. Problem such as depression and obesity will no longer exist.

This team of experts reviewed a whole lot of previous studies. They came to the conclusion that time spent in the nature can prolong your life by 16 per cent.

An organization entitled Friends of the Earth Europe is the one to run the study. Besides the links to a healthy mental state, they also discovered that pregnant women get benefits from nature time.

The ones that live in houses close to the nature are likely to give birth to children that have a healthy size.

Nature is so good because it is less polluted, the air is fresher, so spending a lot of time in such an environment has a lot of benefits.

Experts argue that nature is the answer to happiness. People need it, this is the only way for us to “thrive”. The ones that moved from a crowded city to the countryside became happier and got to meet others. The level of depression reduced considerably.

Nature is something that we all need. Even a short period of time spent in the middle of the nature daily can be helpful. It is great because it inspires freedom and helps us live in a healthy way.