It’s no secret anymore the fact that Princess Diana and her husband, Prince Charles, were not exactly the happiest couple. In these new personal letters, we learn more about how the late Di felt being married to Charles.

Her personal secretary, with whom she talked consequently, was the one to release the letters. He wants to prove that their marriage has been troubled from the start.

One of the letters is about the couple’s first days together. Diana, who is on her honeymoon, wrote to her confident about how it’s like.

Diana wrote that honeymoon was an opportunity for her to rest and catch some sleep.

Most would have expected them to have fun, but Diana seemed pretty bored.

Other letters show how kind and thoughtful the princess really was. After giving birth to William, Di wrote letters to all the members of her staff to apologize for all the hard work they had to do and to thank them for their immense support.

Life was pretty chaotic after the first born arrived. The staff had a lot of work to do and Princess Diana really understood them. She was overwhelmed by the situation herself. She just turned 21 when she had William and had to juggle royal duties and motherhood, which wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

According to other sources close to the royal family, Charles wasn’t faithful to his wife from the beginning. Apparently, a day before walking down the aisle, he visited his infamous crush and current wife, Camilla.

Charles and Diana got married in 1981 and divorced in 1996, a year before her sudden death.

All the personal letters between Diana and her secretary will be auctioned next month.