prince harry

Prince Harry is in love head over heels with Meghan Markle!

Last weekend, Harry surprised his beautiful girlfriend in the most romantic way. According to sources, he prepared a huge trip across London and a very romantic dinner.

The Canadian actress wanted for a very long time to take a tour across London, so having a royal showing your around is better than ever. Harry was delighted to show her around the city where he grew up.

The Sun reports that Prince Harry and Meghan visited several museums, including the National History Museum. Meghan wanted for a very long time to visit the latter, actually, but didn’t have the opportunity until now.

Harry arranged everything to perfection. On Sunday, the museum closed its doors so that the two of them could enjoy intimacy. The beautiful actress got to enjoy the private tour with Harry in the romantic evening light.

The two got to see the gorgeous exhibitions and the dinosaurs that are still lit up during the night.

After this exciting trip, the couple grabbed dinner.

Meghan is going to stay in the United Kingdom until the end of the month. Next week, she will fly back home, in Canada, to start shooting for the upcoming season of “Suits”.

Until then, the two lovebirds get to enjoy time together. The actress will be staying at Harry’s home in Kensignton, where she has stayed before.

According to rumors, the actress will not stay too long in Canada. She wants to move permanently in London and be by her boyfriend’s side. Meghan is also said to be over acting and will put an end to her career with the role in ‘Suits”.