Lately, a lot of celebrities started to promote vitamins and different supplements on social media. Of course, fans started taking them as well as they promise to have tons of benefits.

However, experts think that you should stop doing this immediately, as these supplements are no good. They can, actually, have the opposite effect on you.

Here are a few examples of celebrities and their endorsements:

The Kardashian clan always promotes something on their social media accounts. Whether it’s their clothing items, beauty products, these stars always endorse products. The Kardashian sisters collaborate with several brands and promote their vitamins or supplements.

Right a week ago, Khloe promoted vitamins and revealed that she takes more than twenty pills per day.

Her and her sisters all swear on these gummy bears that promise to make your hair healthy and shiny.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who is obsessed with beauty and health and has her own brand, also endorsed a few things that don’t go for everybody. A while ago, the actress revealed that she swears by fish oil, probiotics and vitamin D3, as they give her a glowy complexion and boost her metabolism.

There are several other celebs that keep sharing their routines and favorite products, which causes their fans to follow in their steps. Experts saw how their favorite products have become a trend and came up with a conclusion.

Just because they promote them, that doesn’t mean that they actually work. Their claims are unfounded and will only cause you to spend money and time with no positive result.

Most of us don’t actually have to take supplements, so if we do consume them, we can have some serious health problems.

Experts advise you to consult a specialist before making this step. Just because you saw a product online, that doesn’t mean that it will work for you.