It looks like Tom Cruise is ready for romance again. After the divorce from Katie Holmes, the actor has been pretty low key, he didn’t date, but now it seems like he is ready for a new relationship.

According to rumors, the 54-year-old has got his eyes stuck on Vanessa Kirby, with whom he shares the screen. The 28-year-old actress and him star in the same movie, the sixth part of ‘Mission Impossible.’

Cruise is the one that wanted her to star in the movie with him. After seeing her latest series, “The Crown”, the actor decided that she really needs to be in this movie.

Sources close to him declared that he is ready to settle down. After so many failed relationships and after the loss of his mother, the actor understood that it’s time for him to get seriously involved with somebody.

And it looks like Vanessa could be the one. The two are really into each other and Cruise can even picture her as his fourth wife.

After he saw her on the big screen, the actor fought hard to bring her to his upcoming movie. They had an instant connection and chemistry and Cruise immediately fell for her after seeing how energetic and charismatic she is. Of course, this brought her the role in an instant.

By the looks of it, we could hear wedding bells really soon. This would be Cruise’s second wife with whom he shares the screen. Until now, he only starred in movies with Nicole Kidman.