According to experts, The United States are not the favorite choice for investors. Now, the main target is Asia, mainly China and India. The East is beginning to rise, while the West is set to be left behind.

The reason why the markets emerge is none other than the President, Donald Trump. The US has the largest economy in the globe, but now business moguls are looking to invest in places where economy is still developing.

Trade is such a big thing in America, but now, with Trump’s arrival, experts fear that the free trade worldwide will endanger their businesses. Trump’s policy, of putting his country first is actually a huge threat for other countries.

The financial situation is actually doing pretty good in America, as the dollar is getting stronger every day.

However, investors still think of Asia as a safe place politically speaking. Last year, the best performing markets were encountered in the places were prices were better.

Investors think that they would have a better success in underdeveloped regions rather than in the US or in the UK, where everything is developed already.

India has become a top choice with its increasing demography and young population. What is so good about it is the strong education system and the huge number of people who are interested in entrepreneurial activities.

On the other hand, China promises a lot as well. A thing is certain: it is better than Trump’s America. In terms of economy, China definitely experiences growth. In the upcoming years, it is expected to grow in tourism and travel and the middle class keeps on raising.